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Advanced Placement®, Honors, and Electives Learning Solutions & Resources

AP* Advantage
AP® Advantage

One complete solution for your AP® student to save time, study smarter and prepare for success.

AP Summer Institutes
AP® Summer Institutes

Providing teachers the support they need with this easy way to request program materials for your summer institutes.

Digital Resources
Digital Resources

Information, guides, and how-to resources to help you get the most out of the digital products.

Request Trial Account
Request Trial Account

Request a trial account to preview teacher and student resources, assignment and assessment system, LearnSmart adaptive learning platform and robust reporting tools.

AP Central
AP Central

The College Board's official AP Statistics page. Access information on the courses you teach like course descriptions, sample exams, teacher resources and contact information.


Find correlations to the standards by subject and title for many of our Glencoe programs.

Connect AP®/Honors and Electives Teacher Resource Activation

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