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Read-Aloud Library, SRA

Grade Levels Pre-K - 3

Engage children with purposeful, playful language development using read-aloud trade books and carefully developed read-aloud activities

Long before children are able to speak using higher level vocabulary, they are able to understand and respond to sophisticated words. An extensive vocabulary is vital to a child's success in all aspects of language arts. It is important for beginning readers to develop higher level vocabulary on a verbal level long before they are able to read more difficult words. Higher level vocabulary is crucial to helping beginning readers develop reading comprehension skills.

SRA's Read-Aloud Libraries help you provide a rich context for learning new words that are not common to young students' oral language. Each SRA Read-Aloud Library uses explicit and engaging lessons to introduce targeted words selected from the Read-Alouds trade books. Read aloud lesson plans in the teacher's presentation book help reinforce knowledge of topics that students are encouraged to explore independently.

This program makes a great supplement to Language for Learning and Reading Mastery.

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