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AAA Flipbook – The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers & Students Math

Grade Levels K - 12

McGraw-Hill has proudly partnered with Align, Assess, Achieve LLC to distribute The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers and Students. These easy-to-read flips books are an indispensible resource for educators seeking to isolate and understand the grade level expectations of the standards. Because each guide's focus is on a single grade (or select range of grades), the roles of classroom teachers are clearly defined, ensuring a more seamless transition to the Common Core.

Ten flipbooks unpack the grade appropriate standards for Math content for each grade K-8 and for grades 9-12. The flipbooks also connects the Enduring Understands and Essential Questions for Mathematical Practices to each standards. Each page unpacks the Cluster and grade level specific standards into clear teacher friendly text

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