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American History (Brinkley), AP* Edition

American History (Brinkley), AP* Edition

Grade Levels 9 - 12

Your tried and true favorite is the best book for the new course redesign!

Updated AP* Test Banks, Correlations, and AP* Teacher Manual for Redesign available NOW! See below for details.

American History: Connecting with the Past's clear, single, balanced voice and impeccable scholarship propels students to think critically about themes and key concepts in United States History.

Here's how:

  • Debating the Past features present arguments and opinions by different historians so that students can analyze how they were constructed from historical evidence and how historical opinion has changed over time. Perfect for the new AP Historical Thinking Skills: Historical Argumentation and Appropriate use of Relevant Historical Evidence.
  • America in the World essays helps students focus on the global context of events within the United States, and how those events affected the rest of the world. Perfect for the new AP Theme: America in the World.
  • Students are asked to Consider the Source to ensure they can understand, analyze, and interpret historical documents. Perfect for the new AP Historical Thinking Skills: Appropriate use of Relevant Historical Evidence, Interpretation, and Synthesis.

The revised AP Teacher Manual and Test Banks for each Historical Time Period help you seamlessly transition into the new course. Visit the NEW 2014-2015 Curriculum updates site to preview all of these new resources.

NEW AP* Edition available October 2014!

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