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Language and Composition, The Art of Voice (Muller), AP* Edition © 2014

Language and Composition, The Art of Voice (Muller), AP* Edition © 2014

Grade Levels 9 - 12

Language and Composition: The Art of Voice was created after extensive research in the AP English Language & Composition course, how it’s taught, and what resources students need to learn. Part 1 includes skills for active reading, analysis, argumentation, and synthesizing. The extensive and diverse selections in Parts 2 and 3—including AP Teacher Favorite contemporary and classic essays, synthesis groupings, visual rhetoric, poetry, blogs, and more—make the book a dynamic learning resource for every AP student throughout the course and in preparing for success on the AP exam.

The robust AP Teacher Manual is tightly integrated with the Student edition and offers lesson plans and strategies for teaching close reading and writing skills. It also provides well-considered approaches for teaching individual essays, sample rhetorical analyses, answers to questions, additional thought-provoking questions, comparative essay discussion formats, and tips for prewriting and guided writing activities.

The Art of Voice also comes with the McGraw-Hill AP Advantage – A suite of digital products all on the same platform, providing AP course support from before class starts all the way to passing the exam. Available bundled with the book or as a separate purchase, ONboard, Connect Plus, and SCOREboard are the three steps to success your students need!

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