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UCSMP Function, Statistics, Trigonometry

UCSMP Function, Statistics, Trigonometry

Help students develop into fluent, independent, and highly skilled readers with this Direct Instruction reading intervention program

The UCSMP Third Edition curriculum emphasizes problem solving, everyday applications, and the use of technology and reading, while developing and maintaining basic skills. Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry integrates statistics and algebra concepts, and previews calculus in work with functions and intuitive notions of limits. Enough trigonometry is available to constitute a standard precalculus course in the areas of trigonmetry and circular functions. Technology is assumed available for student use in graphing, algebraic manipulation, modeling and analyzing data, and simulating experiments. Functions, Statistics, and Trigonmetry assumes that students have completed a second-year algebra course. Students who have studied some trigonmetry, such as that found in UCSMP Advanced Algebra, will be at an advantage. The program also provides the background for success in a non-proof oriented calculus course, such as those often taken by business or social studies majors in college, but not for a proof-oriented calculus course. It also provides the background for Advanced Placement AB Calculus and Advanced Placement Statistics.

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