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Glencoe Math © 2013 Courses 1,2,3

Glencoe Math © 2013 Courses 1,2,3

Grade Levels 6 - 8

Built around the Common Core State Standards, Glencoe Math is a robust toolkit designed to support your unique teaching style, your ideas, and the needs of your students.

  • Glencoe Math lets you plan your way
    • Online prepared lesson plans can be differentiated to meet your students needs
    • Customizable presentations and thousands of digital resources mean you can prepare materials to match your teaching style
  • Glencoe Math lets you teach your way
    • Lighter, smaller Walkaround Teacher Edition contains the essentials for the classroom
    • New digital tools allow you to make the most out of your classroom technology
  • Glencoe Math lets your students learn their way
    • Print and digital tools engage students in a variety of formats
    • New flexible digital platform allows students to work anywhere on any device

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Glencoe Math, Course 1 © 2013

Grades 6-8

Glencoe Math Course 1 focuses on four critical areas: (1) using concepts of ratios and rate to solve problems; (2) understanding division of fractions; (3) using expressions and equations; and (4) understanding of statistical reasoning

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