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t2k (Powered by Time to Know)

t2k (Powered by Time to Know)

Grade Levels 4 - 7

The Digital Teaching Platform

t2k is the first of its kind - a Digital Teaching Platform that streamlines the 21st century digital classroom. All aspects of teaching, learning, and assessing become integrated into a single core curriculum classroom solution.

ENGAGE STUDENTS - Our Digital Natives are more engaged when learning is happening in their digital world. t2k helps students explore and practice skills in a differentiated learning environment.

EMPOWER TEACHERS - In this digital classroom, the teacher is always at the core of instruction. t2k simplifies lesson planning and helps teachers transition smoothly between whole class, small group, and individualized instruction.

EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY – t2k allows teachers to have continuous, actionable feedback on every student. The real-time progress monitoring allows the teacher to provide immediate and quality feedback to each student in the class.