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Literacy & Humanities Center

Proficiency in literacy and the humanities helps form the foundation for lifelong learning. That's why McGraw-Hill established this Learning Solutions Center where we create solutions to drive student achievement in these subjects.

Literacy and civic skills develop critical thinking and are the foundation of educational success.

The McGraw-Hill Education Literacy & Humanities Center helps students establish these skills as well as expands their knowledge of literature, social studies, and world languages. A variety of proven PreK-12 programs and digital platforms combine to improve students' literacy skills and build a strong foundation for success.

STEM Center

Achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math has never been more important. Our experts in this Learning Solutions Center create solutions to help students improve these competencies so that they can compete for careers anywhere.

STEM skills are required for today's students to compete in an increasingly global and high-tech society.

The McGraw-Hill Education STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Center helps students master essential math skills, develop competence with technology, understand science and math concepts, and learn critical thinking and analysis. Our PreK-12 programs and digital platforms prepare students for jobs in today's global economy.

Stem Center

Intervention & Special Needs Center

The experts in this Learning Solutions Center ensure that students have the tools to succeed at each stage of their education. We focus on developing customized solutions and data-driven instruction to help struggling students and address dropout prevention.

Intervention for struggling students requires individualized, data-driven instruction.

The McGraw-Hill Education Intervention & Special Needs Center offers school districts and teachers the tools to customize instruction, so even struggling students can thrive as lifelong learners who can succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Our PreK-12 intervention and special needs solutions combine proven programs with digital platforms to provide comprehensive, performance-enhancing learning resources to help those students who have fallen behind.

College & Career Readiness Center

Many of the fastest-growing careers require advanced training and education. Experts in this Learning Solutions Center create solutions to ensure that high school students graduate with skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and the global economy.

Preparing students for college and careers takes an innovative approach.

The McGraw-Hill Education College & Career Readiness Center is the first educational publisher specializing in college and career readiness. We're committed to providing customized solutions to ensure students graduate high school equipped with 21st Century skills to achieve in today's rapidly changing world.

College Career
Center for Digital Innovation

Center for Digital Innovation

This center brings to elementary and secondary classrooms the same digital environment that young people embrace outside of school. The center's digital-based instruction helps to improve student performance and accelerate the development of 21st century skills.
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Urban Advisory Resource

The McGraw-Hill Education Urban Advisory Resource works with large urban districts across the country to help them provide better quality instruction, curriculum, and assessment to their students.

The McGraw-Hill Urban Advisory Resource is a team with a deep understanding of the challenges facing urban districts. These experts work closely with districts to find the best solutions to provide better quality instruction, curriculum, and assessment to their students.

The Urban Advisory Resource is led by Arthur Griffin, former chairman of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, school board.

The Urban Advisory Resource sponsors the District Leader's Podcast, a web site that provides a lively, informative and easily accessible forum where school superintendents and other educational leaders can share their experiences and expertise on improving schools across the country. District Leader's Podcast is the only national podcast created expressly for district leaders. Each episode features interviews with district leaders from around the country. New podcasts, added biweekly, are hosted by different educational experts from the "front line."

Urban Advisory Resource