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  • Interactive Songs (iSONGS)
  • Listening Selections
  • Interactive Listening Maps
  • Interactive Presentation Slides
  • Assessment Slides
  • eBooks
  • ... and more


The speed with which you and your students can access these interactive assets relies on multiple factors, including your school system’s bandwidth capabilities. In order to set you up for success with this field test, we would like to review the Music Studio Technology Specifications and offer some helpful Quick Start Tips.


McGraw-Hill Education may run diagnostics in the background to collect information. These tests will not interfere with your experience, and will allow us to continuously improve the user experience.


Technology Specifications


Operating Systems and Browsers

Browsers supported for Android OS: Chrome, Android (native browser)

Browsers supported for iOS: Safari

Browsers supported for Windows (desktop): Chrome, IE, Firefox

Browsers supported for Mac OS (desktop): Safari, Chrome, Firefox


Browser Version

Safari 7.1 or later

Chrome 38.01212 or later

Firefox 33.1 or later

IE 10.0 or later

Android 4.0 or later


Music Studio products are built on HTML5 and do not require Flash.


Quick Start Tips


Here are some helpful tips to make sure your hardware and teaching environment are optimized for Music Studio.


  • Deactivate your popup blocker - presentation slides launch as popups
    • On your iPad, select the “Settings” app, “Safari” and make sure to deselect “Block Pop-ups”
  • Eliminate unnecessary tabs/browser windows
  • Close out of software programs that are downloaded onto your device
  • Close apps that may be running in the background
  • Enable browser caching, sometimes called “cookies” for ConnectED


Internet Connection


Make sure to check your connectivity before attempting to use Music Studio products. After you

confirm that your devices are connected, you can check your connection speed at


Customer Service and Support


In the event that you need assistance, please contact McGraw-Hill Education Customer Service and



Phone: (800) 338-3987

Fax: (800) 953-8691


Hours of Operation: 8:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday


Statement of Intended Use


Music Studio products are designed to provide music educators with quality content to easily use in a variety of settings. We believe whole group, teacher-led instruction to be the the norm in the music classroom, and have laid out the Teacher Experience and Resources Page to reflect that belief.


There are numerous resources that teachers will want to use in group and one-to-one settings, and the best way to plan for these settings is to test the resources the students will access on the devices that will be used, noting load times and instructions that will need to be communicated.


Music Studio resources are media-rich. We have taken care to select high-quality recordings and

images, and so some resources may not load as quickly as others. It is important to plan and test

before presenting resources to students.

Interactive Song (iSONG)

Preparing To Review


Music Studio is a platform that delivers three unique and inspiring programs. To help your district evaluate the planning, materials management, and presentation tools, we encourage you to field test the sample lessons found within the ConnectED accounts provided by your sales representative.


The assets that you will be working with and teaching from are brought together by the Music Studio platform. There are a wide variety of assets across the three programs, including

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