Introducing Florida

K-5 Social Studies

Reducing teacher prep time and increasing student engagement is at the heart of K-5 Florida McGraw-Hill Networks® Social Studies. Featuring three pathways of instruction (within the online ConnectEd platform), this program delivers what you need through quality instruction grounded in authentic documents and artifacts, and focused on close reading and writing, critical thinking, and citizenship.

The McGraw-Hill Networks® Approach

Authentic, Rigorous Learning

Authentic, Rigorous Learning

The unit Big Ideas and lesson Essential Questions guide the instruction, while Inquiry Investigation projects and engaging online resources help you take it to the next level.

Literacy Integration

Literacy Integration

Everywhere you look within the program you will find opportunities to tackle reading and writing skills and concepts that students need to be successful in all other subject areas and on high-stakes exams.

Flexible Program Design

Flexible Program Design

The three pathway approach gives you the ultimate flexibility to deliver instruction that supports your literacy goals and ignites curiosity in your students. The variety of print and digital resources work in any classroom.

Three Pathways to Engagement

1. Student WorkText

The student WorkText fully integrates literacy instruction with Big Ideas and Essential Questions to give you lessons based on the NGSSS and LAFS.

Printed student portfolios present vocabulary instruction and fully-integrated reading comprehension instructions to keep students engaged. Interactive maps, games, and animations bring the content to life in the ConnectED Online Student Center. FSA-style assessments can be found in both the printed student portfolio and online.

Primary Source Library

2. Primary Source Library

The Primary Source Library connects authentic artifacts like photos, quotes, and passages to the Essential Questions and supports them with a proven close reading and writing routine: read, reread, integrate.

The sources are paired to help spark conversations and encourage further investigation. The Document Detective's Notebook feature helps students craft their own probing questions about primary sources.

Each lesson closes with two-part writing prompts where students plan their responses and develop their voices.

Primary Source Library
Leveled-Reader Library

3. Leveled-Reader Library

The Leveled-Reader Library helps you differentiate instruction with two readers included per-unit in each and every grade.

Lesson plans include vocabulary development, reading comprehension practice, projects, and writing prompts for full literacy integration and are accessible online through ConnectED.

Bridging the Three Pathways

Your Teacher Implementation Guide

The Teacher Implementation Guide gives you an overview of the content and how it is covered across the three pathways. You can quickly and easily review the amount of time a lesson may take, the materials required, and where to go online to be successful with minimal prep.

Teacher Implementation Guide

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