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Support Every Student

Balancing student engagement and assessment success can be a consistent challenge. McGraw-Hill Networks® provides the right mix of print materials and digital resources that bring subjects to life and adhere to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Empower Learning

Understanding is the foundation of achievement. McGraw-Hill Networks develops adaptive programs to help students go beyond mere memorization toward long-term knowledge retention. Strategies, prompts, and activities are designed for multiple genres. Resources to support Spanish-speaking students are available.

Achieve Success

StudySmart Print Write-in Worktext

  • Focus instruction with material that promotes success on EOC and FSA testing
  • Encourage deep interaction with content using close reading, text analysis skills, and more
  • Administer assessments that appropriate text complexity levels and higher DOK levels

LearnSmart with SmartBook™ Adaptive Learning Program

  • Determine progress—from struggle to mastery—of learning objectives for each student
  • Create differentiated instruction focused on year-long progression
  • Provide detailed, data-rich reports at class, school, and district level


  • Create tech-enhanced multiple-choice, essay, and document-based questions
  • Prepare students for end-of-course and end-of-year online test-taking with question sets and online environment
  • Customize reports with flexible options
Make it your own

Customization is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Whether it's traditional lecture, discussion groups, or hands-on activities, McGraw-Hill Networks® want to help you teach the way you want to teach. Explore the wraparound print Teacher's Edition and the online Teacher Lesson Center to find everything you need to streamline planning and differentiate instruction for each student.

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6-12 Composite
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