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Online Samples

Experience these childhood favorites in a whole new way. The following are 50% until September 30 for an exclusive back to school offer.

Little Red Hen–Interactive Reader

By interacting with the characters and scenes in the story, children take to heart the lesson learned by the animals on the farm.

Country Mouse and City Mouse–Interactive Reader

With this interactive eBook, your child can join in the fun as the mice explore each world together.

Jack and the Beanstalk–Interactive Reader

Your child becomes a part of the story by interacting with the characters and scenes as Jack goes from a poor farm boy to a wealthy owner of a golden goose.

Little Red Riding Hood–Interactive Reader

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf come to life right in front of your child's eyes, helping children become an active participant in this classic tale.

Why the Sea Is Salty–Interactive Reader

In this engaging folktale, your child will learn of one culture's idea of how the sea became salty, giving you an opportunity to discuss the science around the oceans and seas.

These apps will be FREE on iTunes for a limited time for our exclusive back to school offer.

Ahoy Mateys, discover a fun way to practice math skills with Sail Through Math, a game for students from McGraw-Hill Education. Do you have the skills to conquer all the levels? Set sail for learning and find out.

Right now, Pinball Energy Challenge is FREE for a limited time. Pinball Energy Challenge from McGraw-Hill Education, in partnership with Filament Games, is an immersive learning experience where kids have a blast aiming pinballs at challenging targets while learning about different forms of energy and energy transformations.


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