I’m the technology director for a 400+ student school district in rural Kansas. I have the privilege to work with my beautiful wife, Mandi, in our District’s Technology Department. As a former entrepreneur and Information Technology consultant I love technology and what it helps us accomplish. I’ve been networking and integrating technology into working environments since 1995. I’ve worked with a number of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeBook, and even MS-DOS. I was raised valuing accurate knowledge and quality education. Much like today’s PBL, maker space, and STEM movements, my parents modestly supported my curiosity of technology from a young age.

Starting in 2006 I’ve worked closely with technology implementation in K12 schools. One of the most exciting projects of the last ten years was leading the preparation and inauguration of a High School 1:1 Apple MacBook program for two school districts. A few years later I was hired full time by one of those districts. We then transitioned to iPads and grew the 1:1 program to reach 90% of the district’s student body. Over the last three years my district has operated a 3-12 virtual school program built on the Chromebook platform. Last summer my department transitioned the district to an industry-leading student information management system. All while refining and maintaining network infrastructure and cloud based technologies.

Anyone who works in a small school district knows that each staff member has many roles. I’ve repaired EPDM rubberized roofs, framed a few walls, rekeyed buildings, and rewired a football field scoreboard. There is never a dull moment. At times, these needs put extreme demands on the school and its staff. In spite of that pressure, I’m continually impressed by the results teamwork can produce.

I’m passionate about using technology in an efficient and simplifying way. These are tools to assist us in learning, accomplishing tasks, and recreation. In the education world this involves embracing change and taking some risks. Above all, it should be equitable and accessible to the learners. My writings here will reflect those passions.