It’s almost back to school time for teachers, and you know what that means: Prepping for the beginning of the school year. If you’re looking to facilitate digital learning for your classroom, or if you just want some tools that will help enhance your teaching, then these apps are a must-have to help you plan your new school year.

1. Evernote (Google Play/iTunes/Windows)
Evernote gives you the tools you need to keep your work organized with ease. It allows you to discuss your work with others right in the app, write notes, organize web articles, documents, and photos, and even search notes by text. The best part? It’s free!

2. Class Dojo (Google Play/iTunes)
Class Dojo allows you to easily keep parents and students in the loop with what’s going on in your classroom. It easily allows you to customize the app to work for your classroom. You can see a timeline of students’ progress, easily encourage your students, and instant message your students’ parents. Want to know if parents read your message? ClassDojo employs read receipts so you can communicate effortlessly.

3. Edmodo (Google Play/iTunes/Windows)
One of things we love about this app is an unlimited storage feature that helps you when you create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, and manage progress. Edmodo is a perfect tool to help you enhance your teaching in the classroom with digital technology.

4. Show Me (iTunes)
Looking for a way to help students understand a concept when they’ve been absent? Want to explain a Science or Math concept? Show me allows you to turn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard! Record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and easily share them online. ShowMe also allows you to organize multiple lessons into comprehensive courses as well.

5. Teacher’s Gradebook (Google Play/iTunes)
Wanting an easy way to keep track of all of your students’ grades? Teacher’s Gradebook is here to help. Create multiple gradebooks, easily calculate average marks, and manage student attendance on a daily basis!

6. Class Messenger (Google Play/iTunes)
Students have so much to remember these days when it comes to notes to take home and reminders about class. Class Messenger makes paper notes and reminders a thing of the past by allowing teachers to send home important notes and updates about learning experiences in the classroom throughout the day. With this app, teachers can send reminders about upcoming assignments and even keep in touch with parents. Teachers can message parents, students, or keep in touch with other teachers and administrators.

7. TED (Google Play/iTunes/Windows)
The official TED app consistently delivers passionate talks from people that love learning. If you’re looking for inspiration or some new classroom ideas, it’s a must-have resource for the progressive educator. Want to start class off with some inspiration? Easily search and find the perfect video with this app.

8. PBS Kids Video (Google Play/iTunes/Windows)
PBS Kids Video provides fun educational reading, science, and math videos to show your students. You can also add videos you plan to show your class to a favorites list.

9. Common Core Standards (Google Play/iTunes/Windows)
Are you looking for an easy-to-use app that can help you understand Common Core? Have no fear. This convenient and free app is a great reference and standards are grouped into subject categories. Use this to help you throughout the school year.

10. Pocket (Google Play/iTunes)
Browsing your favorite social media site and see an article you want to save later and leave in class? Pocket makes it a cinch to bookmark items from Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard. It’s student friendly too. Students can use it to collect articles for homework or a research project so they can easily look them up later.

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